ACCEPTED TITLE: Kriss | Anarchy EMS Department Application | Date 11/7/17

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Kriss, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Kriss

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    1. In-Game Name: [PB] Kriss

    2. Player ID: 76561198135942422

    3. Date of Birth: 31/5/99

    4. How many hours per week would you usually dedicate to medic: well im a working man alot at least 21 (4 per day) hrs a week

    5. What rebel gang(s) are you in: Playpen Bullies

    6. How long have you been playing Anarchy: 50 hrs and 40 min

    7. Have you been whitelisted medic on another server: yes 2 they are both down today.
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