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  1. Herald Regime

    Herald Regime Moderator

    Hey ya'll it's your favorite EMT/Paramedic Herald Regime.
    If ya'll want I do take ridealongs and lemme tell you I am a busy man so most likely well be travelling a lot.
    Also a note, do NOT log when dead I end up going across the map to get you while I get other calls and when I get there you DC... Waste of my time and I have a hell of a lot of calls being that I am usually the only EMT/Paramedic.
    Anyways if you want to ask a few questions about ridealongs, ask my buddy Owner, he asked to come with me to a call so I literally just unlocked the vehicle and he came with me for a bit. Fun experience it is. ALSO tell me what ya'll think of the EMS offroad skin I made.
    Heres a pic of Owner on the helicopter ride.
  2. Summe

    Summe Member

    Im gonna try to join to help you out and thanks for saving me twice.
  3. Nick Draco

    Nick Draco Community Ambassador

    Looking forward to applying ;)

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