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    Recently the cost of jets and heli's got a lot more expensive. For heli's an additional few million got added to the price but Jets had its price doubled. I think this was a bad move for the following reasons.
    -First, the people who already own jets are now VERY POWERFUL because of the main counter to a jet its ANOTHER JET and if a new player joined the server and was abused by the jets, which they cannot afford because it is now 30MILLION! They probably won't stick around. Instead of boosting the price of weapon's keep them at an obtainable price for new players, they should have the possibility to put in time and effort to gain power instead of being abused by a guy in a jet
    -Second, The insurance on the jet is now HUGE, if a player works his way up to a jet and finally gets one and then pays 7.5 Million to insure it and then gets kicked because of some server error and his jet crashes he's gonna be pissed. The insurance on the old jet was 3.7 Million and almost 4 million is a big loss but something that a player can live with.
    -Third, I think the price boost to the helicopters was acceptable, good job.
    -Fourth, I don't want to see this server fail because a lack of players due to rage quits so please lower the price of jets to like 20 million.

    Thank you
    Custom from the 506

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