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  1. I propose to remove the following rules,
    • Flying low over a city at 300 meters is not allowed unless you are attempting to land at a heli landing. Each time you do it we will kick. After three warnings you will be banned.
    • There is no towing in any city limits.
    • Hostage situations are only permitted to last 30 minutes. Both sides must have agreement or finished by this time limit.
    • Hostages are to be held in or around Kavala or Pyrgos, no other locations are permitted. (This is for time reasons)
    • All lives are worth $250,000, you may demand more or less. This is just a standard for both sides to know.
    • Ramming or shooting vehicles in order to cause an explosion / disable them is not allowed. (You can shoot cars to disable them after initiation but not to blow up surrounding things or kill players).
    • Civilians can be arrested for following cops in-game in order to give away their position.
    Note, these are just a few rules that need to be removed and or moved to the LAWS.

    1) If someone is flying low it should be ticketable. If they are causing noise police just need to tell him to leave or be shot down
    2) Why cant I roleplay as a tow truck driver? Should be rephrased to, "You can't tow cars without permission from the owners within city limits, You can tow them without permission outside city limits or if they are broken down and or blocking traffic"
    3) So, If the cops are too lazy to come to my hostage situation and after 30 minutes they sitll dont come, I have to let him go, Also, I'f the cops aren't finishing negotiating I can be banned because it's not within 30 minutes?
    4/5) Shouldn't 5 be in SOPS? Also, You are saying I have to be within 1km from kavala/pygros or else I can't have a hostage?
    6) Rephrase this please!. If a car is blocking the fed door, I should be able to ram it with my hunter to move it.
    7) Should be in Alts Life Laws
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    Is there any particular reason why you're asking for them to be removed? I don't understand.
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  7. They are either 1) Useless and stupid or 2) Laws written in the wrong section.
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    +1 for multiple reasons, most of these rules should definitely be switched to laws.
    1. Kicking a helicopter for flying "low" is honestly retarded why use administrative powers when it can be turned into a roleplay situation.
    2. The need to keep hostages within main city limits is so cop sided and honestly makes absolutely no sense at all, no criminal is going to stay in a highly populated area and hold a hostage situation, police have access to Black Hawks and many varieties of police choppers, ATM's are scattered around the map needing to stay in the two main cities has no reason.
    3. No towing in city limits should as well be a law, not a server rule.

    In genreal, I plus one this because things seem cop sided and a lot of things are rule sided instead of brought into roleplay by making them laws
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