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Discussion in 'Report a Player / Request a Ban' started by JulianKlein, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. JulianKlein

    JulianKlein Member

    * Report Type: RDM

    * Player In-Game Name: {Trap} InsanityChaos

    * Situation: I got rdmed

    * Why Should the Player be Banned? I drove past red zone but he didnt shoot at me or initiate on me while I was inside it, but when I drove out of it, he sprayed me down with his strider hmg.

    * Video Evidence that starts 5 minutes prior to the event, must provide link here:

    Additional Comments and Information:
  2. Beamin

    Beamin Head Admin

    Your report has been denied for lack of standard evidence minimum, you must have 5 minutes of video to submit a ban request. There are good reasons why we ask for 5 minutes. Please post the full five minutes or reply if you don't have it so we can close this case.
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