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Discussion in 'Report a Player / Request a Ban' started by Beatsy, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Beatsy

    Beatsy Member

    * Report Type: VDM

    * Player In-Game Name: NuclearGaming54

    * Situation: My friend, =AU= Kodiak initiated on his friend at Plutonium Buyer, he didn't comply so he was shot, we lockpicked his tempest device and Hemtt box, The box blew up to desync and I was in the tempest device heading to chop, once I was about less than 50 meters from the chop shop sign, Nuclear came in a hellcat spraying his missles into the device which I had stolen with no initiation.

    * Why Should the Player be Banned? RDM - Spraying down his friends Tempest Device so he would get it back and prevent me from chopping it.

    * Video Evidence that starts 5 minutes prior to the event, must provide link here:
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  2. l Smokez l

    l Smokez l Community Ambassador

    Your report has been approved and is currently pending administrative action.

    Please be patient as pending reports are handled in chronological order by administrators.
  3. Beamin

    Beamin Head Admin

    Your report has been accepted. This is his first time offense but he will still serve a ban for the offense. Thank you for submitting.
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