Mayor and possibilities of a woman character

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Anthony, Jul 9, 2017.


How many would like to see this happen

  1. Yes for mayor

  2. No for mayor

  3. Yes for women characters

  4. No for women characters

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Anthony

    Anthony Member

    Just throwing the idea out there, to make the RP a little more interesting with the possibility of a Mayor which in turn would pave ways for potentially lawyers and a judge. Initially a campaign to be rollplayed and the voting of a mayor which would be interesting. I'm not asking for extra money with a mayor just the title to be given to someone. It would be for RP reasons mainly. As for a woman character it's sort of self explanatory on this behalf maybe this could attract the woman gamers more to this server to get more of a environment that would get more of a real life feeling to it, instead of just a bunch of guys running around.
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  2. JulianKlein

    JulianKlein Member

    Totally Agree:)
  3. Nick Draco

    Nick Draco Community Ambassador

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  4. Hiko

    Hiko Member

    its a good idea
  5. Jay Morre

    Jay Morre Member

  6. Eflon22

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