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    Hi all Anarchists,

    We're hoping you're enjoying your time on our server. I'm hoping to create some live events that will be reoccurring. Please submit your ideas to this forum if you want to see a live event. Some live events will be spontaneous and some will be planned. ALL ideas are welcome and appreciated as well as feedback.

    Current Server Events
    • Live dog fighting kill on site hour for jets: We set one hour a month or week, depending on popularity, in which all jets are kill on site unless leaving the air field.
    • Package racing: We'll provide you with packages all at the same time and location. You bring your own vehicle and must take the materials to a predetermined finish line. We'd like to do the same event but with armed vehicles as well that is kill on site too. Don't worry it will never be full map.
    • Purge: Self explanatory but I feel most would dislike this idea since it's a rp server. Please express interest if you would like to see a 1 hour purge.
    Thank you for reading,

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    dog fighting lol
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