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    This is a guide on making cash on the server

    Plutonium - Reward of Selling Processed Plutonium
    1 Tempest Device full of Processed Uranium - 140k
    1 Zamak Transport - 950k
    1 Hemmet Box - 160k
    Here How to do math of $ you make
    (Weight of what your truck can hold) / 6 = X (remove decimals)
    do X (Weight) x 10,000 (Price of 1 Plot sold) = profit

    How to do
    1) Spawn In Pygros,
    2) Buy a pickaxe, 2 water, 2 bacon, and a scientist suit (needed to not die from radiation)
    3) Grab truck and head to deposit
    4) Mine
    5) Go to processing, the license to process Plutonium is 100k. Press M on your map to see where the processing is, near confederation bridge
    6) take all the Plutonium and sell it at the Plutonium Buyer (Solar Panel Field)
    7) Go to Hospital or Airfield to store $
    8) Repeat to earn more $

    Dropped Aircraft

    Dropped aircraft is for the adventurous and people who are willing to fight. The Red Circle where the aircraft is KOS, meaning you can shoot and kill people without initiation as long you and the target are in the circle zone in the map. to get $, first you must find the aircraft, its a green aircraft that is broken down and use the scroll wheel and press "Take Items" or on the lines of that and you get the materials. The reward is random, you can get between 1 million$ or 5$ million dollars depending on 3 things, how much weight your helicopter can hold, pure luck, and not dying (preferable be very cautious and get rebel gear). Plutonium is much safer but downed aircraft is more fun

    Cell Tower Data

    To steal "Data" from a tower you need to buy a laptop for 10k, from Pygros electronics store. The laptop must be in your inventory and you must find the office or point of place where if you use scroll wheel it will show "Hack Cell Data Tower." it will take 5 minutes and its recommended to have a car for escape ready to drive, set it in a position to go in case, no cops are required to be online to rob it but if you hear sirens and you have very low gear or its a helicopter your chances are to run to survive. You won't get a reward but you wont get arrested, if you can fight back the red circle on the map is KOS (meaning you can kill people if you and the target are in the red circle without initiation). This way if a police pilot comes in, you can try shooting out the pilot to kill all cops in the helicopter. if you manage to hack the cell data tower the reward is luck and will very from 70,000 to 140,000$. its best to drive away as soon as possible when hacked as the possible will come and you can't store money in your ATM. If police see you near the tower they can pull you over and use the cash on you as evidence you were thief because you cant pass $ and cops get alerted how much $ was stolen.
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