ACCEPTED Ban Request for Everyone Knocking me out

Discussion in 'Report a Player / Request a Ban' started by Debbe Lorax, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. Debbe Lorax

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    * Report Type: Fail Roleplay, Green zone Violation, Trolling

    * Player In-Game Name: [CO] Smooth Black Legs, {Trap} InsanityChaos, [LB] Chris, [506] JohnnyUtah

    * Situation: I was repeatedly getting knocked out and robbed in the safe zone. The first time it happened they took my money then the rest of the time they knocked me out to troll me. I was unable to get up for about 15 minutes before this and decided to start recording.

    * Why Should the Player be Banned? Constantly Trolling me in the safe zone after and admin even told them they needed to stop or they will be dealt with

    * Video Evidence that starts 5 minutes prior to the event, must provide link here:

    Additional Comments and Information: These type of people dont deserve to be on this server. They have also targeted me in the future because of my age and voice. Im 16 but i sound 8 and they keep teasing me about it and always find ways to troll me such as knocking me out in this incident.
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