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    Hello heres just a Role-Play Scene. (Its no actual me)

    Hello, My name is Adam Bello, I'm 21 years old just finish collage trying to figure out what kind of job I want to go to. I receive a bachelor degree of law enforcement, which I'm planning to use in the near future to become a police officer. I move to this island because I seen a possible way of me growing myself to seek future goals and to help the community to grow. I recently had to leave my family due to them getting into a flight accident on the way to this island which cause them to pass away, I have been very sad for past month but then I'm let it pass me and remember them in my heart. Also, do what they knew I'm able to do is to become a police officer and help out the community just like I help them out. I plan to help out this community when its doing good and when its doing bad no matter what is the problem. I plan to one day become a high rank and help the new police officer/Cadets that are coming into the police force to be one of the best they can be! Just like I'll be one of the best police officer out there saving lives.

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