ACCEPTED Adam Bello | Anarchy EMS Department Application | 7/10/2017

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    1. In-Game Name: Adam Bello

    2. Player ID: 76561198194898993

    3. Date of Birth: 08/01/2002

    4. How many hours per week would you usually dedicate to medic:
    Around 1-3 hours daily.
    5. What rebel gang(s) are you in:
    I'm currently not in any official gangs just temp gangs that changes around weekly.
    6. How long have you been playing Anarchy:
    Since 06/29/2017
    7. Have you been whitelisted medic on another server:
    Yes, I became a Paramedic one server that was #2 Top Altis server during its time before Malden came out.

    *NOTE* I'm currently a medic on the server and I'm just putting this up to show that I was accepted so that their is no confusion later down the road. *NOTE*
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