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  1. Jay Morre
    Jay Morre Cetane
    You should look at staff apps :)
  2. Jay Morre
    Jay Morre
    Staff app. be like siting in the dmv line for a license
  3. Jay Morre
    Jay Morre
    @Conner james M8 you just fucking faked a cop app and copyed a staff app seems like I would give you a promotion 100%
  4. Conner james
  5. ExoticAdam
    @Conner james Asking for promotions will get you no where. The only reason you don't see medics on is because the server is dead.
  6. JayR
    We needa be bumping in the forums. Shits dead as hell, whats good everyone.
  7. Conner james
    Conner james Herald Regime
    Chief can I be a LT PLEASE I been a hard worker everyday
  8. Conner james
    Conner james Herald Regime
    Chief I've been working hard can I be promoted to a lieutenant
  9. Conner james
    Conner james Herald Regime
    Hey yo yesterday I was like the only EMS on and I did a really good job Can I be ranked up to a lieutenant has it been waiting for a long time
  10. Conner james
    Conner james Beamin
    Hey Beamin I was wondering if we could add another emergency service group to the service like swat or fire or have Like towing company or taxi service or can I make one with your help
  11. SpecialKillerJ
    Attention APD Officers, If you are inactive you will be demoted! Please talk to me if you will be gone for a long amount of time.
  12. Conner james
  13. Herald Regime
    Herald Regime
    I don't see why not. As long as you are a bit more active :/
  14. Conner james
    Conner james Herald Regime
    Hey I haven't got my tags back but when I do am I still gonna be at a rank paramedic
  15. Herald Regime
    Herald Regime
    EMS = For all of you needing whitelist get your guid and give it to management. Anyone needing tags speak to a staff member and ask for tags
  16. Herald Regime
    Herald Regime
    you're kidding right red. I've been on most of the week.
  17. RedSoldierReacts
    Hearld, you ever getting back on? Haven't seen you on in a week or so.
  18. l Smokez l
    l Smokez l
    We apologize for the server issues.
  19. Herald Regime
    Herald Regime
    you don't get access to it at your rank :P
  20. RedSoldierReacts
    RedSoldierReacts Herald Regime
    Need access to EMS Roster, my Email is currently